Boost Mobile

With Boost Mobile Pay-As-You-Go there's no need to worry about credit checks or huge monthly bills, because quite simply, there aren't any.   By paying for your phone calls up front, you'll keep control of your monthly costs and get all of   the mobile freedom you really want.

Boost Mobile also has the latest Motorola handsets with the coolest features like our nationwide Boost Walkie-Talkie, Boost Wireless Web and the hottest Java games, plus you get access to Nextel's world-class digital iDEN network.

Boost Mobile's rate plan is easy.   You get to take advantage of the same great rates 24/7.   You pay only $0.20 per minute for regular daytime cellular calls, $0.10 per minute for night & weekend cellular calls, $0.10 per minute for mobile to mobile (Boost/SprintPCS/Nextel) cellular calls and there's no extra costs or hidden fees for calling long distance or roaming outside your home market.

Plus, you pay just $1.00 a day to use the Boost Walkie-Talkie anywhere on Nextel's National Network.

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