Quick Connect

Quick Connect brings the power of the internet to your telephone. Now you can make a phone call just like you send an email! VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a revolutionary new way to make and receive telephone calls. Quick Connect converts your voice on your telephone into data that travels over your high-speed internet connection (broadband connection is required). The advantage of Quick Connect VoIP service is you can now call anywhere across the continental United States and Canada at any time for less money than regular land line telephone service! Quick Connect VoIP also provides you with the choice of many exciting features!

$29.95 Residential Unlimited

With the Quick Connect VoIP Residential Unlimited plan, you can make unlimited calls anywhere in the continental United States and Canada for the low price of $29.95 per month. No contracts or hassles!

Quick Connect also offers some of the lowest international rates in the industry!

The $29.95 Residential Unlimited plan also includes many free features including:
Voicemail (one box)     Caller ID      Call Waiting    3-Way-calling Caller ID with Name     Call Forwarding, plus many more!

A broadband internet connection is required (
Speednet, DSL, cable modem)
A credit card or debit card is required for payment

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